200603 / We are proud to welcome Helle Høst-Madsen as our new CEO

Helle has 20 years senior leadership and management experience with focus on production and operational excellence. The past 4 years she has been the CEO at CH System A/S. She is an empowering leader with focus on sustainable growth, a true team builder and eager to change the bottle industry for good. Exactly what we need in the scale up phase we are entering with passion and energy.

 We took the opportunity to ask her some questions on topics dear to us:  

Why did you fall for Paboco?

Paboco have all the things you can wish for in a company. It makes sense to use the amazing properties of paper as part of a sustainable packaging solution. It is a fantastic concept and a great opportunity to make a positive difference for the environment. It is time to take the bottle industry to the next level.  

What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability for me is to protect our natural environment, human and ecological health, utilizing resources in the smartest possible way and finding innovative solutions to current global challenges without compromising our way of life.

What will be the most challenging for Paboco the coming years?

To keep momentum and keep all the stakeholders happy.

If you would list the three most important company values to build in to Paboco, what would they be?

Execution: To succeed we need to set ambitious targets and have intense focus on execution.  

Respect: To be able to consistently deliver superior result, high level of respect, collaboration and innovation is essential.

Accountability: We need to meet our customers/stakeholders’ expectations - deliver the right quality at the right time and to the right cost. 

What is your superpower?

I like to keep things simple. I never accept that things cannot be done, there is always a way to succeed and I am never settling for the second best.


Helle is taking over from Gittan Schiöld on June 2nd 2020 who has been the interim CEO since July 2019.

Welcome to the Paboco team Helle!