A paper bottle in every hand – that’s what the future holds if our project succeeds. The potential is huge, and we are well on our way to approaching our vision.

Under development!

Next Generation

Additional and upgraded features

  • Fully bio-based
  • Compatible with the paper recycling stream
  • Integrated paper neck with thread structure to fit closure
  • Paper closure
  • Digital print with water based inks
Paboco bottle on hand

Available now, for selected users!

First Generation

  • A Paboco standard bottle – available today in 500ml and 330ml
  • Inquire for a customized design project
  • Enhance with decoration, embossing and debossing
  • Unique haptic and shelf impact, from the paper bottle surface look and feel
  • Responsible paper sources - FSC certified
  • Up to 65% plastic reduction*
  • Choose 100% recycled PET or PEF, PEN barrier film
  • Separable barrier in recycling stream
  • Fits with standard capping systems & easy filling line integration
  • Durable and splash resistant paper
*Compared to a traditional PET/HDPE/LDPE and depending on the design
Challenges Paboco is dedicated to solve

Challenge accepted!

Check out the eight challenges we are dedicated to solve in making the fully bio-based paper bottle a reality.

01. A bio-based barrier that withstands both water vapour and oxygen transmission. Use of materials that encourage recycling and in the future designed to degrade harmlessly if accidentally put in nature.
02. A robust efficient production process with significant output that is both commercially and sustainably attractive.
03. Digital direct printing of sustainable ink or laser engraving to minimize material usage.
04. A proprietary bottle base technology that uses the fibre properties to stay intact when exposed to high pressure.
05. A tethered cap made from either a bio composite or just pure paper.
06. A fiber blend - sustainably sourced strong Nordic fibers developed to hold carbonated beverages and still look beautiful.
07. Pulp 3D moulding of wood based fibres with amazing design details and accuracy showing the beauty of paper.
08. Mobile connectivity to engage consumers to understand and ensure an afterlife.
”Enabling a robust and efficient way to multiply the idea of sustainable packaging for liquid goods - that is the challenge we take at Paboco, the paper bottle company.”
Florian Müller, CTO at Paboco

Responsible forestry

/ All bottles being produced by Paboco are FSC-certified and labelled. Although trees are harvested, with the FSC certification there is no net loss of forest over time.

/ Thanks to continuous replanting, there are more trees growing in this region today than 100 years ago.

/ For every tree harvested two to three are planted and allowed to grow to an optimal size.

/ The capacity of trees to capture carbon dioxide changes over time. Newly planted trees assimilate only small volumes of carbon dioxide – but their capacity then starts to increase dramatically.

/ Growing trees bind more carbon dioxide than older trees. When the forest has finished growing, the net uptake of carbon dioxide is zero until the new forest is planted and starts to grow again.

/ Active and responsible forestry therefore play a key role in combatting climate change.
”Being part of this journey from the beginning, inventing the technology and building the first machine for the paper bottle with my bare hands is my chance to make a difference. A difference towards a sustainable world for future generations. What we are doing is not just a new bottle, we are making a difference.”
Christian Carlsen, Technical Director at Paboco