We are changing this industry for good by creating recyclable paper bottles for your favourite products. Designed for circularity using renewable materials and with the long-term goal to harmlessly degrade if accidentally put in nature.

The Project

Imagine a paper bottle in every hand. That's what the future will look like if our innovation project succeeds.The potential is huge, however, there is still some way to go and there are no paper bottles to order.

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Who we are

We are Paboco, the paper bottle company, and we have decided to become part of the solution for a sustainable future.

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201109 / Introducing the Coca-Cola paper bottle prototype

It is finally here! After hard work together with the Coca-Cola Company we can show you their first-generation paper bottle prototype. But our job is not done yet we will continue to develop and improve towards a fully biobased and recyclable paper bottle. Step into the Coca Cola lab and a have a look!

201014 / Meet our experts making the paper bottles possible

We are breaking new ground, combining people’s expertise from Paboco, paper expert BillerudKorsnäs, global bottle manufacturer ALPLA Group and our group of Pioneering Brands Carlsberg Group, L'Oréal, The Absolut Company and The Coca-Cola Company. Our team drives us to never stop innovating and improving.Taking steps towards a more sustainable everyday life.

200909 / Presenting Absolut Paper

Here at Paboco we make concepts into reality.Now presenting Absolut Paper. The Absolut Company paper bottle, made real by us at Paboco and possible by our partnerships.