Paboco moves into full-scale production

On the theme “Let’s paper up business!”, Paboco, The Paper Bottle Company, proudly launches the Next Gen Paper Bottle by initiating full-scale production, marking a milestone towards a more sustainable future. "This is a fantastic opportunity for conscious brands and consumers looking to make a real difference", says CEO Tim Silbermann.

The Next Gen Paper Bottle signifies Paboco's dedication to pursuing its vision of fully biobased bottle packaging. With a new state-of-the-art manufacturing site in Slangerup, Denmark, Paboco is gearing up for full-scale production. The aim? To deliver over 20 million paper bottles by the end of 2025.

A natural choice for a broad consumer market

Built on the idea of less fossil, more natural materials, the Next Gen Paper Bottle offers a minimal barrier solution while staying fully recyclable as paper packaging. Paboco empowers brands with design flexibility, allowing them to choose between standard paper bottles or bespoke designs. This versatility allows them to express their identity and connect with consumers on a deeper level.

Initially targeting brands in the beauty and homecare sectors, the Next Gen Paper Bottle shows promise across various industries, including premium spirits, food and beverage, vitamins and pills, pet care and more, indicating significant advancements in these areas. This scope offers consumers the opportunity to be part of driving change by choosing FSC-certified fibre-based packaging with less climate and environmental impact.

Accelerating growth for a sustainable impact

With ALPLA as the new majority shareholder and a long-trusted partner, Paboco is primed for accelerated growth, positioning itself as a leader in sustainable packaging solutions. CEO Tim Silbermann underscores this momentum by stating:

“The Next Gen Paper Bottle marks a milestone in our journey towards a fully biobased paper bottle. With ALPLA's backing and our focus on full-scale production, we're transitioning from an innovation pioneer to a progressive business, ready to fill our order books. Ultimately, we are here to make a sustainable impact and start a movement by placing paper bottles in the hands of every consumer.”

Tested and supported by world-leading brands

Since 2021, Paboco has been testing its ground-breaking products in partnership with Pioneer Community members: The Absolut Group, Carlsberg Group, The Coca-Cola Company, L'Oréal, and Procter & Gamble.

“After years of innovation and successful collaborations, we are now prepared to launch the Next Gen Paper Bottle on a larger scale”, Tim Silbermann continues. “I welcome more conscious brands that want to join us in changing this industry for good”

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