200603 / We are proud to welcome Helle Høst-Madsen as our new CEO
Helle has 20 years senior leadership and management experience with focus on production and operational excellence. The past 4 years she has been the CEO at CH System A/S. She is an empowering leader with focus on sustainable growth, a true team builder and eager to change the bottle industry for good. Exactly what we need in the scale up phase we are entering with passion and energy. We took the opportunity to ask her some questions on topics dear to us:
June 3, 2020
200421 / A dream team
It has been some time since we have posted some news about our progress. The past months our focus have been to design and develop our new paper bottle machine. We are now moving into the phase were we need to prepare for the arrival of our new family member. To design a machine from scratch takes courage, deep technical skills, innovative mind, problem solving, great collaboration within the team and our suppliers and finally endurance and control of the details. This is the capability of the Paboco team and on top of it; we had among our co-developers to conform to do all the work remotely. Very proud to send greetings from the Paboco dream team, and see this as a teaser for more progress updates coming soon! Cheers, Gittan
April 22, 2020
200127 / Paboco presenting the Paper Bottle Community – a look back
Paboco knows what it takes to make a paperbottle: Willingness to the challenge of creating a movement for sustainable change.
January 27, 2020
200108 / Paboco want to take the opportunity to wish a Happy New Year
Paboco want to take the opportunity to wish a Happy New Year and beginning of 2020 and to thank you for following us during 2019. We are on a very exciting innovation journey!
January 8, 2020
191018 / Paper bottle community / Pioneer brands
It has been a week since we launched our new company Paboco - the paper bottle company and announced our Paper bottle community.We are overwhelmed by the engagement and media coverage our project has generated. It has created many dialogues about what is sustainable and what is not that is building up the awareness which will hopefully lead to a movement of making more sustainable everyday choices.
October 18, 2019
191011 / Paboco introduces the Paper bottle community to advance packaging innovation.
During the C40 World Mayor Summit in Copenhagen, we proudly present Paboco®, the paper bottle company, uniting leading experts in material, design and technology, and supported by world-leading consumer brands to bring sustainable progress to the bottling industry.
October 11, 2019
190925 / Follow the project and be part of our story.
What a great feeling! Today, we are up and running with Paboco, the paper bottle company, starting to change this industry for good. After months of discussions, meetings and working hours, I can proudly announce that we have our name, identity and brand in place to highlight and continue driving our industry's most important project; the making of bio-based, recyclable and commercially viable paper bottle.
September 25, 2019