The Paboco Paper Bottle Community welcomes FSC® as an expert advisor in sustainable forest management

Community members the Coca-Cola Company, Carlsberg Group, The Absolut Company, L’Oréal, Procter& Gamble, BillerudKorsnäs and ALPLA, welcomes FSC’s expertise to the paper bottle innovation journey. Using FSC certification is a crucial step in introducing paper bottles that are responsibly sourced to the market. All bottles currently being produced by Paboco are FSC-certified and labelled.

Wood fiber is the key resource for the paper bottle, but as all materials, using the fiber resource creates an impact. Working actively with sustainable sourcing, visibility, and traceability solutions to reduce deforestation is important to ensure a high level of consideration for the planet.

”Collaboration is vital to enable the paper bottle. Together, we share a strong commitment for the transformation of the packaging industry and a sustainable future, where ensuring responsible sourcing is absolutely key” says Paboco’s CEO Gittan Schiöld.

Although trees are harvested, with the FSC certification there is no net loss of forest over time. FSC standards also require biodiversity to be maintained, and high conservation value areas to be protected. Moreover, they require forest inhabitants to be consulted and engaged, and cultural rights to be maintained. Above that, the FSC standards also require training, safety, and decent wages for all workers. The paper bottle will be manufactured with FSC certified virgin fiber (from FSC-certified forests) and controlled sources, which means the bottle will be labelled with the FSC Mix logo. 

We strongly support and applaud the Paper Bottle Community’s commitment to sustainable sourcing and FSC certification. We welcome the opportunity to add our sustainable forestry expertise to this exciting and inspiring development” says Jeremy Harrison, Chief Markets Officer at FSC International.

Read the full press release here: The Paboco Paper Bottle Community Welcomes FSC® As An Expert Advisor In Sustainable Forest Management