Paper bottle community / Pioneer brands

From the left:
Simon Boas Hoffmeyer, Director, Group Sustainability at Carlsberg
Stijn Franssen, Packaging Development Manager at The Coca-Cola Company
Gittan Schiöld, Interim CEO at Paboco
Lena Danielsson, Innovation Director at The Absolut Company
Philippe Thuvien, Global Head of Packaging and Development at L’Oréal

It has been a week since we launched our new company Paboco - the paper bottle company and announced our Paper bottle community.

We are overwhelmed by the engagement and media coverage our project has generated. It has created many dialogues about what is sustainable and what is not that is building up the awareness which will hopefully lead to a movement of making more sustainable everyday choices.

The engagement has come both by showcasing how far we have come by presenting prototypes of the Carlsberg Green Fiber Bottle developed since 2015 as well as the announcement of all of our Pioneer Brands L’Oreal. The Absolut Company and The Coca Cola Company. Together developers and implementers combined we have decided to take action by designing for circularity and driving change for using renewable materials.

The wonderful thing is that we showcase to the world a new way of working where companies can open up for collaboration when sharing the vision to challenge conventions.  

I hope this will inspire other big players out there to jointly take action.

Paboco is a brand that represents what we stand for, our ambition, personality and promise to the market. We are a progressive, forward-looking and vibrant company that wants to be perceived as an innovative spearhead with the potential to change the bottle industry as we know it.

Come and join us!