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What a great feeling! Today, we are up and running with Paboco, the paper bottle company, starting to change this industry for good. After months of discussions, meetings and working hours, I can proudly announce that we have our name, identity and brand in place to highlight and continue driving our industry's most important project; the making of bio-based, recyclable and commercially viable paper bottle.

Today, with increasing environmental concern and plastics polluting our oceans, our success is more important than ever. Imagine! A paper bottle for your favourite products, even for sparkling drinks, which you can recycle and perhaps one day even return to nature's cycle. Less fossil content, more from mother nature. That’s what we aim for.

In 2019, our first  prototype edition of the paper bottle will see the light of day. Our goal is that future generations will have a 100 percent bio-based and degradable barrier. But, even though our paper bottle has the potential of changing our industry as we know it in a few years’ time, we can all start making a difference today. Follow us and support our cause by using #pabocolife for your tips on a sustainable everyday life. Who knows, together, we can spark the beginning of a movement.

Gittan Schiöld, Interim CEO, Paboco