Paboco want to take the opportunity to wish a Happy New Year

Paboco want to take the opportunity to wish a Happy New Year and beginning of 2020 and to thank you for following us during 2019. We are on a very exciting innovation journey!

Not only did we launch our new company name and brand but also showed the world our great partnerships in our Paper Bottle Community that is the driving force in making this new packaging a reality.

Since we are tech scale up working to change the bottle industry for good. Our focus within research and development in the paper, barrier and bottle processing and manufacturing continues. You will be able to follow our progress (both ups and downs) and how we approach what we are dedicated to solve in this blog and on LinkedIn .

Year 2020 will be interesting where our determined focus is to build and prove production capability.

Read here what our CTO Florian Müller has to say about manufacturing our paper bottle:

“Current we have a prototype machine which we are using to manufacture test quantities for our Pioneer brands whilst developing the process. At the same time, the machine is not quite robust enough yet, which is posing a challenge. We have to be able to analyse and understand problems conscientiously and also work with the material’s characteristics better. Pulp behaves fundamentally differently from plastic. However, there are things we are benefiting from. Namely, the fibre industry has a long history and the right products do exist. Something that is completely new to the fibre industry, on the other hand, is the manufacturing of rigid bodies – in the third dimension. There are several core issues related to this that we have to solve internally – in the places where we deviate from other manufacturing methods. We are undertaking intensive research and development on this.”

If you want to join our engineering team to help solve these challenges.
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See you soon!

Gittan, interim CEO at Paboco